Winning cases, such as Traduzindo o Segurês or the Millennium were some of the subjects presented during the event

In its recent 20th edition in São Paulo, the SAP Forum Brazil brought together leaders, executives, and opinion leaders to discuss the importance of digital strategy, inspired by the concept of design thinking.

Fernando Marcio Bettine, innovation manager in the MAPFRE BB E GROUP and member of the Innovation and Development Office, spoke to those attending the SAP Forum Brazil on the importance of the innovation culture in the creative process of the organizations.

On this occasion he presented cases such as “Traduzindo o Segurês“, winner of various prizes for improving communication with clients (Prize Abemd 202, XIII Prize AMAUTA for Direct Marketing in Latin America 202 and DMA International Echo Awards 203), and the “Família Sempre Protegida” project, that envisages insurance marketing in the gift card format.

“These cases show the importance that innovation has for the company. Innovation is in the DNA of the GROUP, which through actions related to innovation culture, such as InovaLAB, HUB de Inovação and the InovAgente program, brings innovation to all areas of the organization,” Bettine said.

“In the insurance sector, in which the products are commodities with little variation, innovation is a big challenge. People see innovative brands as something special, and that’s why we try to create value, developing solutions that meet the needs and expectations of consumers.”