The platform has launched a new B2B line, to which companies looking to offer Savia’s services to customers and/or employees can subscribe.

Savia, MAPFRE’S digital health services platform, is today celebrating its first anniversary with a round number: 100,000 registered users and over 2 million website visitors. It has also amassed a community of around 40,000 followers across social networks during this time.

Savia offers a wide range of services and provides access to professionals from more than 40 medical specialties, who can be consulted quickly and easily from a cellphone. Users can purchase the products and services from their device and choose between different payment methods: by contracted service or through subscription plans.

From medical, virtual and face-to-face consultations to diagnostic testing, all these services can be accessed via the platform, which also offers other services such as nutritional coaching and personal training in order to promote healthy habits and preventative behaviors among its users.

The symptom evaluator and chats with specialists

During its first year, the most popular services have been the symptom evaluator and chats with specialists, especially Gynecology, Psychology and Nutrition and General Practice specialties. The company is preparing to launch new services, such as instant video consultation with a specialist, for which no prior appointment will be needed and will soon be available to platform users. The specialist will also be able to send any prescriptions digitally.

The company has also recently launched a new B2B line, to which companies looking to offer Savia’s services to their customers and/or employees can subscribe.

“We have built Savia using digital platform capabilities, with a clear client orientation and with data considered the backbone of this business. In this first year of Savia, we already have 100,000 users. And we are hoping to continue to grow in order to help improve the health and lives of millions of people,” says Pedro Díaz Yuste, General Director.

Savia stems from MAPFRE’S commitment to innovation and digitization, and is geared toward the more than 30 million people who do not have private health insurance in Spain. The newspaper El Español has recently honored Savia in its #Digital awards as the best artificial intelligence initiative, highlighting the ethical management of its users’ health data.