Savia, the MAPFRE health services platform, was recognized as the best initiative in the Artificial Intelligence category at the third edition of the Digital awards held by El Español yesterday. These awards aim to give visibility to the best digital transformation initiatives.

Savia is a flexible and dynamic digital platform, designed to help users and their families to manage their health. This initiative is part of MAPFRE’s commitment to innovation and digitization, offering an accessible, immediate and personalized service that provides access to over 40 medical specialties, tests, treatments and surgeries.

Since its launch, just over a year ago, the platform has attracted over 94,000 registered users who are using Savia’s services, 90 percent of whom say they would use the services again.

All of these services are immediately accessible from anywhere, as the app allows the user to ask medical questions through a video consultation, chat with a specialist, or receive a call back from a doctor.

Digital health services and artificial intelligence; whether you have health insurance or not

Around 30 million people in Spain do not have health insurance, because they cannot or do not wish to. In any case, if at any given time they wish to access services (for speed, convenience, due to time constraints and so on), this platform enables people to buy these services. It can be accessed by cellphone, choosing different payment methods without fees or contractual obligations: you can purchase a single service or buy a subscription plan.

Savia offers more than just health insurance, looking beyond illness and promoting healthy habits and prevention through a broad offering of services including nutrition plans and personal trainers.

This award recognizes Savia’s use of technology and, in particular, Artificial Intelligence to manage its users’ health data ethically. For Savia, the protection and anonymization of user data is an absolute priority – it employs Artificial Intelligence algorithms to ensure total anonymization and protection of any personal and health – related data concerning its users.

This award simply recognizes Savia’s client-centered approach to strategy in providing a secure solution for helping users to manage their health.