The application is aimed at promoting a savings culture among Maltese citizens.

SavviSave, the mobile application developed jointly between MAPFRE MSV Life and Munich Re was awarded this year’s Best App award at the annual MCA eBusiness Awards in Malta.

The app enables users to monitor their savings quickly and easily, promoting a savings culture among Maltese citizens. Among other uses, users can choose between different investment strategies and see a breakdown of their savings at any time.

The judges were impressed by SavviSave’s innovation, user experience, added value, functionality, esthetic, content, structure, navigation and interaction.

“The market has many apps that encourage spending, but SavviSave is a completely digital solution that promotes saving. We are committed to playing a role in developing savings culture,” explained David G. Curmi.

SavviSave came about in April 2018 as an innovative, 100% digital, goal-oriented savings product that helps clients achieve their personal savings goals and provides optimal user experience.

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