Of the investments in corporate issuers managed by MAPFRE, 73 percent are in companies utilizing sustainability indexes. Of these investments, 94 percent hold above-average qualifications. These indicators measure, among other criteria, transparency and the inclusion of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) aspects within their businesses, as well as reputational risk. These indicators are becoming increasingly more important for the investment community.

MAPFRE also continues to make progress in its commitment to diversity and equality policies, with 40.8 percent of management job positions throughout the Group held by women.

Additionally, the objective proposed for the three-year 2016-2018 period of having people with disabilities comprise 2 percent of the workforce has already been exceeded, with the figure currently standing at 2.5 percent, contributing to greater inclusion in both society and the companies these people belong to.

It is also important to underscore the permanent contract percentage of 96.8 percent at the Group, which employed a total of 35,390 people at year-end.

Finally, it is worth noting that the consolidated global corporate tax rate was 34 percent and corporate income tax expenses totaled 453 million euros.