In the final part of his interview for Strategy+Business, Antonio Huertas reflects about how to reconcile the implementation of new technologies in the social environment.

The MAPFRE President Antonio Huertas delved into the social value of companies and new jobs, in addition to the incorporation of artificial intelligence into the insurance sector and the other markets.

In his opinion, the new technologies must be in step with society so that there is a sustainable balance. In addition, he explained that changing the mentality and flexibility are key tools to accompany this transformation.

“We have to include a factor of concern for the social environment that we are building, so that our society advances toward a greater level of cohesion. Technological advances cannot destroy the values of society”, he commented.

In his interview with Strategy+Business, Antonio Huertas has explained his vision about the present and future of the insurance sector, their threats and risks and the implementation of new technologies.

You can check out the full interview in its original language (English) here.

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