MAPFRE Sigorta has been awarded the Equal Opportunities Model Certificate (FEM) given by KAGIDER to companies that support gender equality and female empowerment

In an interview published in the Turkish magazine Şemsiye, MAPFRE Sigorta CEO Stefan Jensen shared that the production of nonlife premiums increased by 19.6% during the first half of 2021 compared to the same period the previous year. According to him, life insurance premiums grew by 1.6 percent and had a growth rate of 31.44 percent, which was above the industry average.

He summarized, “We have retained our solid and stable position on the market this year as well, growing in many lines above the industry average, year after year.” Taking this opportunity to thank all employees, agents, and brokers for their dedication and hard work, he said, “We are proud to constantly expand our profits.”

Digitalization and people at the core

For the coming year, he envisions profitable growth as one of the pillars, in addition to efficiency and sustainability. “We will continue our efforts to bring satisfaction to the highest level, with a focus on digitalization,” he pointed out, specifying that this “is not only limited to the way we work with our business partners, but also to how we can help our customers through self-service features on their mobile devices and through the website, as well as how we work digitally and collaboratively.” Jensen said that “despite our shift to a fully digitalized world, people remain at the core of it all.” 

Equality and leadership  

During the interview he emphasized the “vital importance of female employment” for a company that has 52.7% female managers in executive positions.

The CEO in Turkey mentioned that the company has followed the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEP) since March 8, 2017, and announced that they hold a Certificate of Equal Opportunities Model Certificate(FEM) awarded by KAGIDER to companies that support gender equality and empowerment of female employees. “We are proud to be certified by the Sustainability Academy and Intertek,” he added.

He also emphasized the importance of women in business life in an interview for Hürriyet, another major newspaper in the country. “At MAPFRE Sigorta, we act with an awareness of equality in all our activities, and we continue to strive to integrate this value into our corporate culture, and to raise awareness of diversity.”

SMEs and comprehensive health care

He also referred to the protection of SMEs, “especially after the recent natural disasters in our country”, which are advised to become more aware of risks, solutions designed for them should they arise.  “We consider them strategic clients,” he remarked.

Using the My Company 360° model, implemented for the first time in Turkey, they analyze the risks of organizations that companies may find, offering solutions and improving auto insurance as a result, he said.

MAPFRE Sigorta offers insurance solutions for automobiles, health, home, SMEs, transportation, and engineering. It is the undisputed leader in the latter field.

In the area of health insurance, the company responded to the increased needs identified in the wake of the pandemic with a new application called “Ask a Doctor,” a consulting service for medical insurance holders.

Due to our innovative products and services, we have increased the number of clients annually by 45% as of July 2021, particularly in the complementary health sector.

Finally, he said that Turkey enjoys a strategic location, a large production capacity, qualified professionals, and a strong market economy, as well as a long-standing tradition of cooperation with Western countries.