Esra Karagöz Yüksek, Marketing Manager of Tur Assist, the assistance company which left its 20th service year behind in Turkey, participated in the conference of “Discover Your Digital Potential” held by Google.

“Discover Your Digital Potential” conference was recently held at Istanbul. At the conference, where the digital opportunities that companies could seize were addressed, Esra Karagöz Yüksek, Marketing Manager of Tur Assist, made a presentation titled “Our Digital Transformation Process”.

 “In the digitalization process, starting your journey with an expert is a correct step”

Established as the Turkish company of MAPFRE ASISTENCIA in 1996, Tur Assist has been providing emergency services from repair in-situ to towing, from home assistance to air ambulance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to over 12 million consumers of valuable entities in many sectors, primarily insurance and automotive companies, through more than 8 thousand service providers in diverse areas from travel agencies to tow-truck firms.

Esra Karagöz Yüksek stated that the fact that Tur Assist is the leader of the sector and the most innovative player of the assistance sector was the driving force in starting the digital transformation process.  She said, “One of the main factors affecting us in deciding to start digital marketing as Tur Assist was the shifting of the world consumption trends to “digital”.