Last Monday a meeting of the Assekuranz-Club von 1877 e.V. was held at the Spanish Embassy in Berlin, sponsored by Verti Alemania. 

José Ramón Alegre, the company’s CEO in Germany, expressed the commitment of both the MAPFRE group and Verti itself to the country since the acquisition of DL there in 2015.

The board took stock of the company’s achievements, highlighting the launch of the new life-risk product.

Christian Paul Sooth, member of the Board of Directors, then gave a lecture with the title “Is the European insurance market growing together? The involvement of foreign insurance companies in the German market. 

The meeting of the Assekuranz-Club von 1877 provided the opportunity for an interesting exchange of views between the attendees, among whom were members of the German Insurance Association (GDV) and the Department of Insurance.

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