• Teltow-based insurer started the year with new CEO, Miguel Rosa.

Verti Versicherung AG is starting the 2021 financial year with a tailwind: after a strong year-end business, Germany’s second-largest direct motor insurer has over one million policies in its portfolio. Miguel Rosa, who took office as the new CEO of the German direct insurer on January 1, 2021, is pleased: “These milestones confirm us right down the line. They show that Verti customers appreciate our reliability. The trust they place in us makes us proud and motivates us: In order to continue to grow steadily in the future and to meet the needs of our private customers and partners in every respect, we are continuing our focus on innovative solutions as well as the technological transformation of the company. So, together with our team of around 550 people, our perspective of the next years is positive and full of expectation.”

Verti Germany successfully combines experience and consistency with innovation and modern service. The company started out as a direct motor insurer for private customers, and has constantly been developing its products and access channels ever since. The B2B department is also growing steadily, and so the insurer operates a modern business contact center for the specific concerns of its partners at its second location in Vaterstetten near Munich, which opened in February 2019. The concept is convincing, and as a result Verti has succeeded in increasing new business with brokers by around 50 percent despite the more difficult conditions in the Corona year of 2020.

For its products, Verti Germany trusts in solutions that are in line with the spirit of time: Building on the CO2 discount, which has already been rewarding low-emission driving, the comprehensive coverage for electric vehicles was the next logical step, for which the German Verti was even awarded innovation winner in 2020.

In addition to innovative motor vehicle products tailored to the specific needs, the company is also focusing on its further development towards becoming a multi-line insurer. Amongst other things, Verti Germany has been offering the chance to insure loved ones or loans with risk life insurance since 2017, relying on a digital and customer-friendly application route. Since its launch in Germany, Verti’s risk life insurance has already received three consecutive awards as the best risk protection in an independent ranking.

“Our corporate goals are clearly focused on growth. In doing so, our partners and customers can continue to rely on innovation and the best service in the future,” concludes Miguel Rosa, commenting on the outlook for the coming years.

The CEO recently spoke about this in an interview published in Versicherungswirtschaft Heute (a German media outlet for the insurance industry), stressing that Verti is “very satisfied” with the last fiscal year. In the electric mobility sector, significant growth was recorded over the previous year thanks to the federal government’s drive toward low-emission vehicles. Turning to developments in the automobile vehicles market in the face of new forms of mobility, the director commented that recent years have shown a clear trend toward low-emission driving. Verti Germany was one of the first insurers to mount a drive for a CO2 reduction rate and will continue to support that line with attractive prices for electric and hybrid vehicle insurance.

The director believes that it will become increasingly important to expand the range of more flexible models available to clients. “We are already well-positioned with our wide range of special rates. This development toward flexible and more customizable solutions will certainly continue in the next few years,” the director added. What is quite clear, the director stated, is that it will continue to become increasingly important to have good insurance for electric cars.