Clients who purchase policies are rewarded with “strawberry points,” which can be exchanged for discounts

Verti has just announced the renewal of its agreement in Italy with Esselunga, a company operating in the large-scale distribution sector, with whom it already has over 20 years of shared history. From April 2020, policies acquired through the customer loyalty program in the Esselunga rewards catalog will be rewarded with a certain number of “strawberry” (“fragola,” in Italian) points, depending on the guarantees the client includes in their selected policy.

Verti’s digital automobile insurance policy, included in the “Fìdaty” rewards catalog for the last two decades, has helped encourage Esselunga’s clients to make some major changes in their habits. The company’s insurance is personalized, regardless of the type of policy purchased—automobile, motorcycle or homeowner—and whether it is individually managed by computer or smartphone, or via the customer service center. It rewards families and careful drivers by offering them better rates. One of the new features added is “Voucher,” which allows the strawberry points already accumulated to be exchanged for an 80 euros discount on automobile insurance. The strawberry points promotion can now be added to these other benefits.

From now on, clients will be rewarded with a certain number of points depending on the type of guarantees they choose in their policy. The more extensive and comprehensive it is, the more confidence and peace of mind the customer will have, and an additional incentive is offered for both new clients (up to 4,100 points) and for those already loyal (up to 2,050 points, higher than previously offered).

Marco Buccigrossi, Direct Business Director of Verti Italia, said, “We are particularly pleased to have renewed the long-term partnership with Esselunga. It represents a new chapter in our relationship, the common denominator of which has always been to meet the needs of our clients and make their lives easier by leveraging our digital DNA.”