During 2017 more than 6,700 MAPFRE volunteers, employees and relatives participated in some of the close to 1,300 solidarity activities carried out to help the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people in society, with a participation rate that was 6 percent higher than 2016.

MAPFRE’s volunteers dedicated their time to emergency action and assistance in the event of disasters as well as activities related to nutrition, health and education. In total, MAPFRE raised over 180,000 euros and more than 194,000 kg of food last year, helping more than 93,000 people, primarily at risk of social exclusion, in 26 countries, through the various campaigns.

One of the main volunteering activities was the assistance provided to the victims of hurricanes and earthquakes in Latin America and the Caribbean last year.

Likewise, the global activities included the first MAPFRE Volunteer Day, with the slogan ​​​​”All together for the Environment!”, in which close to 50 activities related to the conservation of the environment were carried out.  More than 1,500 trees were planted and close to 7,700 kg of waste were collected from beaches, forests, swamps and rivers.

In addition, the “MAPFRE 24-Hour Donation” campaign rolled out worldwide, timed to coincide with the World Blood Donor Day, has helped more than 7,000 patients.

The MAPFRE corporate volunteering program is implemented through the Fundación MAPFRE’s VOLUNTEERS Program. Volunteering is aligned with the Group’s strategy and one of MAPFRE’s main goals is to become a global benchmark in corporate solidarity.

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