MAPFRE lanza SAVIA, una plataforma diital de servicios de salud

MAPFRE launches Savia in Spain, a digital health services platform that allows users to take control of their health

MAPFRE invests €35 million in a green bond issued by BBVA which uses blockchain and finances SDGs

Verti inaugurates new Business Contact Center (Automotive)

More than 400 ideas and 9 prototypes emerge from MAPFRE’s new intrapreneurship program, innova

Antonio Huertas: ‘We have to include a factor of concern for the social environment that we are building’

Desayuno maltese economy economía maltesa

Savings and blockchain: opportunities for the Maltese economy

“Technological advances and globalization cannot destroy social values” Antonio Huertas

Fundación MAPFRE recognizes commitment and international solidarity in the new edition of the social awards